Castlefest en Elftopia


Van 1 tot en met 4 augustus was Celtica Publishing van de partij op Castlefest. Dit is het evenement waar we allemaal altijd reikhalzend naar uitkijken, juist omdat daar echt aandacht

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Book III – The Xoron Redemption

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The Shaedon Resurgence, Book III – The Xoron Redemption

The Empire’s capital lies in ruins after the devastation at the hands of Räz Numera, known by many as the Harbinger of Death. Sentenced to a life in solitary confinement, he continues to work on unlocking the memories implanted in his brain in hopes of finding a way to defeat the Shaedon.

Meanwhile, Netherea’s occupation by the Shaedon continues unabated. They forge ahead with their plans to destroy the planet,

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