The Shaedon Resurgence, Book I – The Fall of Netherea (epub)


Titel: The Shaedon Resurgence, Book I – The Fall of Netherea
Auteur: Jeffrey Debris
ISBN: 9789491300455
Verschenen: 24-08-2016
Leverbaar: Direct
Levertijd: circa 1 werkdag
Ook verkrijgbaar als paperback

Omslagontwerp: Peter Kapritsias


When Netherea is struck by a cataclysm that destabilizes its core, its inhabitants immediately start to evacuate their entire population from the planet. Räz Numera and his colleague Langruff, both from the Ninth Circle of Windmasters, are sent down to assist with the evacuation and investigate the cause of the disaster.

Shortly after the cataclysm strikes, the elemental balance is affected galaxy-wide. A young Earthmaster student named Grummus and his mentor, Tryu, are stuck on the planet Saridia, where Grummus was undergoing his Rite of Ascension. Tasked with guarding a seed of life, Grummus desperately tries to get it back home safely before it withers.

When the true reason behind the cataclysm is unveiled, it becomes evident that a plan has been set in motion by a race thought to be extinct. The Shaedon have begun their resurgence.


Het Engelstalige The Fall of Netherea van Jeffrey Debris is het eerste SF-boek in het fonds van Celtica Publishing. Het boek vormt de start van een SF-trilogie die zich afspeelt tussen de sterren.

De trilogie The Shaedon Resurgence is geschreven voor volwassenen maar kan zeker ook gelezen worden door young adults vanaf zestien jaar.


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