The Shaedon Resurgence, Book II – The Zar’aranos Deception

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Titel: The Shaedon Resurgence, Book II – The Zar’aranos Deception
Auteur: Jeffrey Debris
ISBN: 9789491300578
Verschenen: 03-12-2016
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Levertijd: circa 2 werkdagen

Omslagontwerp: Peter Kapritsias



In the wake of the fall of Netherea, the Intergalactic Alliance has worked on stabilizing the Xoron home world’s molten core. During the past four years, they have only managed to marginally improve the planet’s dire conditions.

Following the threats made by the Shaedon, several parties are tracing their whereabouts in hopes of stopping their plans. Serra Gomez, the newly appointed CEO of NanoTech Incorporated, is trying to find the android factory the Shaedon use to produce their army.

Meanwhile, the threat of an invasion from the Zar’aranos Empire looms. The increase of ships along the border with Alliance space is a grim indication that a conflict is not far off. Acovert mission is launched to gauge how deeply the Shaedon have infiltrated the Empire.


In 2015 debuteerde Jeffrey Debris met The Fall of Netherea, de geweldige start van zijn science-fictiontrilogie The Shaedon Resurgence. Dat boek is enthousiast ontvangen en de uitgever heeft reden om te geloven dat het tweede boek nóg meer in de smaak zal vallen!

De serie The Shaedon Resurgence is geschreven voor volwassenen maar kan zeker ook gelezen worden door young adults vanaf 16 jaar.

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  1. M. Reubzaet (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    The second part of this series is also very dark, both in terms of the detailed description of bloody scenes and the sense of dispair that falls over the main characters again early on.

    Previous characters return along with new ones, and the characters we already knew are given more depth. The action also moves to more locations inside this interesting universe that really feels ‘alive’ outside of the characters.

    This book also has a really exciting ending, especially because the reader knows by now that no character is sacred to the author.

  2. Philip Fontana

    What an experience “The Zar’aranos Deception” is to convey! Author Jeffrey Debris conjures up intricate, inventive constructs in his plot lines. This Book II in the author’s trilogy, “The Shaedon Resurgence,” is a masterwork of sci-fi storytelling. The author begins “The Zar’aranos Deception” bringing the reader up to speed on Book I, "The Fall of Netherea"; the Intergalactic Alliance is forced to divide its fleet with ships both to Netherea to hold off the Shaedon and to patrol the border to stave off the Zar’aranos Empire. The Empire has been infiltrated by the Shaedon! The Xoron people of Netherea are counting on the Admiral of their Navy, Xer’xis Darane, Captain of the flagship Harbinger Resolve, who has been orbiting Netherea for three years. Back on Netherea hero protagonists Raz Numera and Grummus and their small squad make a valiant fight of it, utilizing Raz’s “orb” and Grummus’s “magicka.” They are up against five black eyed enemy fighters possessed by Shi’fisso, the Shaedon possessor. She uses a polydrone or android, NTT-36, as her host. Raz and Grummus and their crew must evacuate Netherea and board Admiral Xer’xis’ Harbinger Resolve. From this harrowing beginning, author Jeffrey Debris takes the reader on a sci-fi adventure like no other through the pages of “The Zar’aranos Deception.” Author Jeffrey Debris packs so much into Book II that the reader starts to ask, “But where is this Zar’aranos deception?” The answer is in its closing pages which are colossal. You must read author Jeffrey Debris unnerving conclusion to Book II. – – Raz fighting for the “Greater Good.” – – Grummus trying to reconcile all that has transpired with his mantra, “All life is sacred.” We await Jeffrey Debris and his trilogy’s Book III for the fate of Netherea and, perhaps, answers to the deeper meanings of life in any celestial form.

  3. Jeffrey Epping

    Excellent second part to a trilogy of an exciting world!

    Engaging from beginning till the end, but oh man… many questions left unanswered, lot’s of questions answered from the first book and it makes the wait until the next book almost unbearable. What will happen to our beloved characters?
    In which direction will the writer take us?
    This second installment takes us where the first book left us and plunges us right back into the action, sci-fi and magicka, wonderful! Shaedon are back at it again and it’s up to our friends Raz and Grummus and many more whether they can be stopped… at all.
    Great character development and when you start to mumble their names during work, then I know it’s a great book! Can’t wait to read the next part, great work Jeffrey!

  4. Patty

    The Zar’aranos Deception, the second book in the The Shaedon Resurgence trilogy, takes place four years after the events in the first novel.
    The Intergalactic Alliance has worked on stabilizing the Xoron home world’s molten core but they have only managed to marginally improve the planet’s dire conditions.
    Meanwhile, the threat of an invasion from the Zar’aranos Empire looms. The increase of ships along the border with Alliance space is a grim indication that a conflict is not far off. A covert mission is launched to gauge how deeply the Shaedon have infiltrated the Empire.

    After The Fall of Netherea, I could not wait to read the second book in this series.
    How would the story continue? What will happen with my beloved characters? Would part two be just as good?

    My worries were unnecessary, The Zar’aranos Deception is even better than the first novel!
    The three main storylines are great to follow and you will learn more about the individual characters as well as some of their relationships with each other. I loved reading more about the background and morals of some races like the Kevar. (definitly one of my favorites!)
    In the meantime, the tension grows as the war evolves and the story accelerates towards the inevitable clash between good and evil.

    The Zar’aranos Deception reads just as pleasant as the first book. The characters all have their very own personality which makes you love or hate them. (sometimes even both) The universe, the planets and the ships you visit throughout the story are animated and vivid, like they could be real without a doubt. The story has developed itself in a way that you just know there will be a great finale with a very uncertain outcome…

    I am still not a fan of Sci-fi, but this universe certainly has stolen my heart.
    Needless to say that I am now impatiently waiting for the final book!

  5. Elise Kleuskens

    So this is Jeffrey Debris’ second novel. What to say about it…

    Let’s just start with: WOW… I just finished reading it and I really think I need some time to fully process this. The story is great, thrilling even. Full of great characters (yes, we have been introduced to them more in this second book!) and unexpected twists in the plot.
    The first book, The Shaedon Resurgence, Book I: The Fall of Netherea, I gave 4 stars and yes, I will need to give this second book 5 stars, definitely!

  6. Martin V

    The story continues with our protagonist friends (plural) rising to overcome the seemingly impossible task set out in the first book, The Fall of Netherea. JD is sticking with the clear portrayal of the individual characters and their particular traits. New races are added to the mix and we get some nice introductions and further material on e.g. the Kevaar, the Byndari, the Kraut and the Saranus. I particularly enjoyed the Kevaar portions of this book. The first book had a strong Star Trek feel about it. This book further strengthens that feel as the plot takes all the characters into open space on various vessels. The descriptions of these vessels seem very thoroughly thought through and there are clear variances to distinguish the space vessels of the various races. Where the first book had a distinct balance between sci-fi and fantasy (magic), this second installment is much stronger towards the sci-fi genre. Possibly this is because the first book was an introduction to The Ley Lines Universe of JD and now that introductions are over, the magic is concentrated to where is has the greatest effect. From the beginning of the book, the plot in The Zar’aranos Deception continues in the separate story lines introduced in The Fall of Netherea. Some converge early and others only graze seemingly by coincidence. JD mostly hints at these chance encounters and they may be build-up for the final installment. In The Zar’aranos Deception JD proves that he is not afraid of doing away with seemingly significant characters. Not in George R. R. Martin proportions, but definitely more than the Random Red Shirt Ensign Casualty level know from other series. It takes the story to an emotional level that makes you more personally invested and increases the desire to see the end of the antagonists. The tasks of the characters still seems unsurmountable and I for one cannot wait to see the conclusion of the trilogy. Suspense was built and then heightened. I am now ready for the finale.

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